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Examples of on-call numbers

Many professions manage on-call services in order to be reachable 24 hours a day and to be able to respond to emergency situations, alert calls, assistance or immediate repairs.

Hotline call-out

24-hour hotline

The on-call number of a telephone hotline must be able to be redirected to an entire on-call team.
With teleworking, Planitel makes it possible to program an automatic call forwarding system  to the mobiles of on-call staff at different locations.


0800 Helplines

Telephone scheduling allows companies to automatically transfer calls to individual volunteers. Thanks to the balancing and scheduling function, on-call calls can be received regardless of the number of respondants.

On-call duty

On-call duty

With the call forwarding schedule, the on-call number for nurses or doctors can be planned months in advance.
The call forwarding is done automatically to the person on call according to the planned on-call schedule.

Town Halls

Depandability of elected representatives

The continuity of the town hall's services requires, for the prefecture as well as for the citizens, a single on-call number that can be reached in the evening and at weekends.
Planitel simplifies the management of the Town Hall on-call number by programming call forwarding.


Alert number management

Certain major events must be able to be reported to a single on-call number.
Call security is fully guaranteed with multi-operator backup solutions, with allcascading and scheduling solutions.

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