Veterinary duty

How to manage veterinary on-call duty

To guarantee the continuity of veterinary services outside normal opening hours, several veterinary clinics have set up a system of shared night and weekend duty.

To ensure more efficient and secure communication with the on-call veterinarian, we prefer to use a single number associated with aveterinary on-call schedule, thus avoiding the need to communicate directly with the on-call veterinarian's personal cell phone number.

It's now possible to benefit from an online schedule that automates the transfer of telephone calls from a single number.

Telephone planning

Plan veterinary on-call duty

PLANITEL is a secure scheduling solution that enables automatic call forwarding to the veterinary clinic or veterinarian on call according to a veterinary on-call schedule.

On-call veterinarians can be scheduled months in advance, and calls are forwarded from the veterinary on-call schedule without any human intervention.

This prevents omissions, dialing errors during transfer, and incorrect transmission of information about who the on-call veterinarian is.
This also means that a colleague's telephone number is not communicated directly to his own clientele.

Of course, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the on-call schedule, which is accessible via the Internet, can be modified at any time from anywhere, and call forwarding can be modified in real time.

Veterinary call transfer

Surchargeable numbers for veterinary care

A large number of veterinary clinics using the Planitel solution offer a premium rate on-call number for night and weekend calls.

Indeed, an 0890 Planitel can be used to filter out the excessive number of calls that concern questions that can wait until working hours.

In addition, the use of a premium rate number allows all subscription costs to be self-financing, as well as the costs of redirection to the landlines and mobiles of on-call vets.

The surchargeable veterinary number is usually communicated on the clinic's answering machine when the clinic is on call.