Creation advice Line

Creation advice Line

A helpline is designed to offer emotional support, advice or help in a particular situation.

The helpline must be contactable at any time on a single number to reach a volunteer who is usually available on his or her mobile or landline.

This telephone on-call service therefore requires the setting up of an on-call team and a schedule to distribute the load of calls.

But we also need to ensure the fastest, most efficient reception of the entire call load, with a tool for transferring calls to volunteers according to time slots.

Advice line management

Advice line management

Planitel offers you both a single number, a free 0800 number for example, and a schedule that automatically redirects calls from the helpline to the volunteers on call.

Call transfer is automated, limiting any risk of error or omission to ensure continuity of service.

The telephone schedule can be accessed via the Internet from any location, either by a supervisor or by the volunteers themselves.

The schedule can be set up very quickly by time slot, or daily for longer periods, but can also be updated instantly, with call transfer modifications in real time.

How to secure your listening line

How to secure your listening line

With call forwarding, PLANITEL secures your on-call line while facilitating the distribution of calls between volunteers.

In the event of a non-response, Planitel allows calls to be escalated to another listener if necessary, as well as a messaging system with automatic e-mail or SMS messages, so you can react as quickly as possible.

You can also prevent the caller from hearing a listener's personal answering machine message, by using the call acceptance confirmation button ...

telephone planning

Simplify your organization

You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can organize and schedule your on-call duties for the weeks ahead!

What's more, detailed statistics on the progress of each call, waiting times and call duration will enable you to adjust the number of people needed to ensure continuity of service, while remaining constantly available on your hotline for those in need of assistance.