PLANITEL secures single number management in the healthcare sector
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Unique doctor number

HAS recommendation: Single emergency call number

In order to facilitate the process for callers and, above all, reduce delays in the event of an emergency in healthcare establishments, the French National Authority for Health (HAS) recommends the introduction of a single call number, quickly identifiable by professionals, to directly reach a doctor authorized to intervene in the event of an emergency.

This single call number must :

  • 24-hour access.
  • Be linked to a telecom system for automatic and direct referral to a doctor authorized to intervene in the area.
  • Without any possible ambiguity, i.e.: a number and not a reference (such as "call the resuscitator on duty").
  • And when the doctor receives the call, he or she must immediately know that it's a life-threatening emergency (dedicated phone or multi-purpose phone with a ring dedicated to life-threatening emergencies, etc.).

Single number planning

Single-number telephone scheduling

According to HAS recommendations, the transfer of calls from the single number must be fully automated, which means using a telephone scheduling system with automatic call transfer.

To save crucial time, it is essential to eliminate any manual intervention such as consulting predefined lists, manually transferring calls, or passing an emergency phone from person to person at each shift change.
This can lead to wasted time or even errors due to human intervention.

Single call number management

PLANITEL to help manage the single call number

By associating the single number with one or more schedules to automatically and directly transfer calls to the doctor authorized to intervene in the event of an emergency, PLANITEL facilitates, secures and complies exactly with HAS recommendations concerning the single on-call number.

Easy, because the schedule can be planned and set up over several weeks or months in record time.
Security, because it eliminates the need for manual intervention, and can provide for numerous scenarios in the event of the on-call doctor not responding.

But PLANITEL is also a professional on-call medical management system, with alerts for the taking of shifts, and very precise statistics on the use of the emergency number.

Single call number

A single call number that replaces several numbers

If your organization operates in a variety of fields, it's likely that you have several separate emergency teams, each qualified to respond to specific emergency situations.

To further optimize time, PLANITEL can set up a fully automated management solution with an automated reception system.

The principle is as follows:
1) Register the numbers of the professionals in your establishment with the corresponding service.
2) When a call comes in on the unique number: Detection of the calling DECT number.

  • If number recognized automatic routing according to PLANITEL schedule of associated service
  • If number not recognized, "Message menu" offering a choice of services