Urgent sms alert

How do I alert an on-call team when an urgent SMS is received?

When an urgent SMS is sent by a physical person or by an automated system, it may require a rapid response from the decision-making or intervention teams.

However, the arrival of a text message is unlikely to be noticed, especially outside working hours.
On the other hand, SMS can concern several people defined in a schedule.

It is therefore crucial to set up a system that only alerts on-call personnel during their duty hours, so as not to disturb other team members.

SMS alert management

Plan who will be on-call for the e-mail

The Planitel solution enables efficient on-call scheduling.
In addition to automatically transferring calls to on-call personnel, Planitel can be used to program alerts when important SMS messages are received.

This feature will enable notifications to be sent only to people on the on-call schedule, avoiding disruption to other team members.

SMS reception planning

Choosing the right SMS messages to alert

With Planitel's SMS alert, you can define criteria to select urgent SMS messages that require an alert:

  • Specific sending number: Filter SMS received on a mobile number 06 or 07 dedicated to emergencies.
  • SMS content: Only take into account SMS messages with a keyword or specific phrase in the text.
Alert transfer

Actions in the event of an important SMS

Planitel allows you to program several types of alerts to inform on-call personnel of the arrival of an important SMS message:

  • Immediate forwarding of the SMS: The SMS is forwarded directly to the people on call.
  • Automatic MAIL: A MAIL is generated to notify on-call personnel that an important SMS has arrived.
  • Automatic call: A phone call is automatically triggered with a pre-recorded message.

This last type of alert is particularly effective, as the telephone rings until the person on call answers.
In addition, confirmation of receipt can be requested via a key, such as the star key.

SMS reception planning

Conclusion SMS Alert

The Planitel tool not only secures the receipt of important SMS messages, but also reduces reaction times.

By scheduling on-call duty and programming appropriate alerts, Planitel ensures that the right people are informed quickly, guaranteeing effective and rapid intervention in the event of an emergency.