How do I manage alert messages from an Automatic Alert system?

SMS alert systems

What is an SMS Alert system?

An SMS alert automaton is an automated system designed to send alert messages via SMS to the people concerned to signal the detection of faults, anomalies or emergencies.

This system continuously monitors equipment or processes using sensors or software, and triggers real-time alerts in the event of a problem.

Used in fields such as industry, maintenance, safety and infrastructure management, this PLC plays a key role in preventing damage, reducing downtime and improving safety.

SMS alert management

Limits to the use of automatic warning systems

The configuration of recipients for messages sent by PLCs is usually carried out directly in the PLC software. Until now, two main configuration methods have been available, each with its own limitations:

  • The use of a single cell phone number for SMS messages, often referred to as the "on-call phone". This method requires on-call technicians to physically pass the phone to each other, ensuring that the technician on duty receives alerts directly. It also requires the technician to be located in an area with good network coverage to guarantee message reception.
  • Programming the numbers of all on-call technicians into the PLC, so that alerts can be sent to several receivers simultaneously. While this may seem like a solution for avoiding the physical transfer of the telephone, it has the disadvantage of also disturbing technicians who are not on call, thus disrupting their off-duty time.
SMS reception planning

Transfer SMS Alerts with PLANITEL

We offer you the PLANITEL solution for securing and forwarding your SMS messages from alert systems.

The principle is to assign you a virtual number 06 or 07 and program it for the SMS automaton.

As soon as an SMS alert is received, PLANITEL instantly forwards the message to the personal mobile(s) of the on-call technician(s) scheduled for the period in question.

Like Planitel, you can set up on-call schedules for very long periods, and modify them in real time via the Internet if necessary.
What's more, you can now keep track of all events thanks to detailed statistics.

Alert transfer

Other automatic warning systems

PLANITEL is designed to integrate with various alert systems, enabling notifications to be directed to the appropriate on-call person.


  • If an alert takes the form of a telephone call, PLANITEL is able to retransmit the alert message according to a schedule defined for the people on call.
  • If the alert arrives via email, PLANITEL can convert and send this email as an SMS to the on-call members registered in its schedule.

Whatever your needs, our technical team is ready to offer you a secure solution to ensure flawless transmission of all your alerts.