Hotline management

24-hour hotline management

A quality hotline service is based on several essential prerequisites:

  • Selecting a well-trained on-call team
  • Choice of a single on-call number
  • Implementation of a call redirection system for the on-call number
  • Call escalation scenarios
  • Message alert systems
  • On-call call follow-up
  • ...

How to secure on-call hotlines

The Planitel solution simplifies the management of your hotline while securing the entire call reception process.

Based on a telephone schedule, Planitel automatically transfers all calls to an on-call number according to time or daily slots, on-call personnel and the various means of contacting them. reach them. This may be a call center or switchboard during working hours, and a set of on-call technicians at night or weekends.

Automatic call transfer eliminates the risks associated with human intervention when dialing numbers, ensuring reliable, error-free call execution."

unique number

Optimize your telephone hotline management

In addition to automatic call transfer, Planitel allows you to program several scenarios in the event of the on-call technician failing to answer:

  • Escalation to another technician.
  • Script rehearsal
  • Level 2 climbing
  • Messaging with automatic e-mail
  • Sending SMS alerts

To guarantee total customer satisfaction, you'll no longer experience call loss, and you'll benefit from extremely precise tracking of all events linked to your telephone hotline.

Automatic referral

IVR telephone hotline

In some cases, certain product ranges may correspond to several on-call teams, which means that several schedules may be involved.

In such situations, the use of a front-end IVR becomes indispensable.
This IVR will enable callers to select a specific product or enter a contract number, which will automatically direct them to the corresponding on-call schedule and put them in touch with the right contact person.

All Planitel solutions can be customized to suit your organization.