Hotline management

24-hour hotline management

To ensure the continuity of a telephone hotline, several elements must be taken into consideration:

  • Establishment of a single hotline number
  • Office hours and public holidays
  • Opening of possible supports abroad
  • On-call staff planning
  • The different ways to reach the on-call staff
  • The various hotline contracts signed by customers
  • Call statistics
  • ...
Programming Hotline

Planning telephone hotline

To manage an on-call hotline, there is now the exclusive PLANITEL solution.

Planitel allows the user to transfer from an intelligent telephone schedule the calls of an on-call number according to time slots or following a daily routine, according to the on-call personnel and the different means to reach them. This can be a call centre or switchboard during working hours, and a set of on-call technicians at night or at the weekend.

PLANITEL allows you to program your on-call schedule quickly and easily over several months in order to answer 100% of your calls 24 hours a day as reliably as possible.

Automatic referral

IVR telephone hotline

Some product ranges may correspond to several different on-call teams and therefore several schedules.

In this case, a front-end voice server(IVR hotline) may be required to select a product or enter a contract number, which can be used to select the corresponding on-call schedule and direct the caller to the right contact person.

All our Planitel solutions can be customised to suit your organisation.