More than just an automatic call transfer
an on-call line is a permanent telephone service with different scenarios to ensure that no call goes unanswered.

Choice of on-call number

To set up an on-call line in your company, we recommend you opt for a single geographic on-call number, or a national number starting with 09.
It is not advisable to choose a mnemonic number, as these numbers are more likely to receive unwanted calls.

If you already have an on-call number in your company, simply transfer it permanently to the Planitel number.
Calls will be automatically transferred to on-call employees, or to the on-call or on-call service, without any human intervention, according to the times on your Internet-accessible telephone schedule.

If you want Planitel to take over and forward received SMS messages as well, you'll need to choose a virtual number starting with 06 or 07, associated with the schedule.
Please note, however, that SMS messages must be forwarded directly to the Planitel 06 or 07 number.

On-call reception via IVR

Planitel has been designed to meet all on-call requirements, and can be customized to suit your internal organization.

If you have several on-call teams and therefore need several schedules, it is also possible to create a voice greeting menu beforehand to offer a choice and determine which work schedule will be used to transfer the call to the corresponding on-call person according to the period.

This telephone service can be, for example :

  • An IVR asking for the type of machine to transfer to the team of specialized employees.
  • An IVR asking for the zip code to transfer to the regional on-call service.
  • An IVR requesting the contract number to identify the customer's rights and direct them to the maintenance department's internal on-call service.
  • A reception that redirects to the right telephone schedule according to call number and period.

Quality of the on-call line

An on-call line does not receive a large number of calls, but these calls are often urgent and need to be very audible and routed as securely as possible to the employee on duty.

It is therefore particularly important to have exemplary communication quality, and to avoid using Internet lines with degraded communication for the on-call line.

On the other hand, the service offer must be multi-operator in order to improve the slightest failure of an operator.

On-call line planning

Scheduling an on-call line involves first and foremost setting up an automatic call transfer to route the number according to a schedule.
To make your on-call line as easy and secure as possible, the telephone scheduling solution must offer you a number of criteria:

Telephone scheduling time

Telephone scheduling must be able to be managed over very long periods.
As the aim is to limit human intervention, a source of errors and omissions, the tool cannot be limited to scheduling a single week.

A telephone schedule that can be accessed at any time, both internally within the company and by employees working on the road. As the primary objective is to limit human intervention as a source of errors and omissions, the tool cannot be limited to scheduling a single week.

Real-time on-call line modification

In the event of loss or breakdown, or unforeseen absence, you need to be able to easily change the on-call line schedule instantly and from any workplace.

Telephone scheduling must therefore be accessible via the Internet with a login and password.

Quick and easy telephone scheduling

Thanks to a wide range of functions, such as predefined on-call periods and copying options, it should be possible for any in-house employee with no computer knowledge to create the schedule quickly and easily.
The on-call schedule should be all the easier to create, given that on-call scheduling will ultimately only be carried out occasionally.
The presentation of the schedule in different colors makes it easy to see.

On-call line management with several scenarios

The on-call system should offer you:

  • Avoid the personal answering machine of a scheduled on-call duty.
  • Personalised and unlimited call escalation management even on mobile phones.
  • Different call distribution modes with priority management.
  • All possible call scenarios in case of no response, empty schedule etc...

Detailed statistics and comments

You need to have all the necessary elements concerning call statistics with the possibility of exporting the information:

  • Date and time of the call.
  • Persons on call who have been contacted.
  • Person on call who responded.
  • Conversation times.

Simple management of comments on each call will allow you to qualify the call.

Options for your on-call line

The product should be open and scalable to meet your needs:

Examples of requests subscribed by our clients:

  • SMS on every call.
  • SMS for each call not taken by the on-call team.
  • SMS to notify the on-call person that their period is starting.
  • Recording of conversations.
  • Smartphone application that allows the on-call person to call back a customer by displaying the unique on-call number.
  • ...