telephone hotlines

Entering on-call time

The first step is to list and register on the Planitel interface all the people involved in handling the on-call number.

The essential information to provide is the name and telephone number of each person (usually their cell phone).
It is possible to add several contact numbers for the same person, which will be called if the first number is not answered.

You can also indicate a service, such as company reception during office hours.
All on-call staff will appear in different colors.

telephone scheduling

On-call telephone schedule entry

Once you've entered the names of the people who are likely to respond, the schedule is extremely easy to fill in.

Simply select a person or department, then drag and drop them into the schedule.

Numerous functions facilitate this step, such as the definition of predefined on-call periods and copy options.

You can assign several people to the same time slot to meet all call escalation needs.

Telephone on-call scenario

On-call scenario

In the event of a non-response from an on-call person or team, there are several possible scenarios:

  • Automatic call transfer to one or more supervisors.
  • Activate telephone messaging with or without answering machine.

If the caller leaves a message, it is automatically sent by e-mail with an attachment.
An SMS containing the link to the message can also be sent to you.

Alert functions are also available to warn you if a call is not answered by the on-call team.

on-call schedule

On-call number automation

Once the schedule has been drawn up, Planitel automatically transfers your on-call calls according to the defined dates and times.

No more manual handling to transfer calls or phones passed from hand to hand.

And you'll always have the option of modifying the schedule in real time, thanks to Internet access.

On-call reception

Receiving on-call calls

The single on-call number is automatically redirected to the on-call persons in the schedule.

Each person on call has a corresponding call process.
It can be a simple transfer to a mobile, to a call centre in France or abroad, but also a whole series of cascade calls, in a determined order in case of occupation or no answer. order in case of a busy signal or no answer.

On-call statistics consultation

Telephone schedule consultation

The person in charge of the on-call service can instantly see whether the duty is being carried out 24 hours a day.

He or she may be notified by e-mail if there is a period of time when he or she is not on call.

It can modify a call redirection from anywhere in real time in the event of an unforeseen event.

Access to detailed statistics with the possibility to leave a comment will help to improve the quality of the on-call service in order to remain fully available 24 hours a day.