Secure your on-call number

A single secure number
  • 24/7 security
  • Monthly or annual planning
  • Real-time adjustment
  • Detailed statistics
Easier management
  • No installation
  • Simplicity of the interface
  • User-friendly planning
  • Automatic penalty processing
No dropped calls
  • Scenario on no response or occupation
  • Cascade calls
  • Call load distribution
  • SMS or messenger alerts
On-call telephone number

How to redirect your on-call number

Start by registering the people or departments in your company who are authorized to answer on-call calls.

They will appear on the right-hand side of your screen, each identified by a distinct color.

Simply drag the on-call numbers into the schedule, automatically redirecting calls from the on-call line to the appropriate person or service.
To guarantee the security of your on-call number, you can also schedule one or more overflow on-calls in the event of no answer.

With a minimum investment of work, your company's telephone schedule will be kept up to date over several weeks.

Single on-call number

Single on-call number

To set up an on-call number, we can create a new number for you, or you can use a company number already known to your customers.
All you have to do is transfer it permanently to the Planitel number.

When it comes to choosing an on-call number, we recommend setting up a toll-free number that can be reached from anywhere, either geographically (01.xx, 02.xx,...) or nationally (09.xx).

These numbers are accessible from any company, and if your customers are abroad, they'll find it even easier to contact the on-call line and be automatically connected with a hotline operator.

On-call line Internet interface

On-call line planning

The Planitel telephone on-call schedule associated with your on-call number is accessible via the Internet with a login and password.
As such, it can be accessed 24 hours a day by any employee, who can make on-call modifications in real time, even when working from home.

In the event of an unforeseen event, such as a lost or broken cell phone, or an employee on sick leave, all you have to do is log on to the secure interface, without even having to go anywhere, to change the destination of your on-call number in real time.

Secure on-call line

Secure your on-call number

The Planitel schedule offers much more than just a reduction in the risk of on-call errors and omissions. In fact, it provides you with a variety of alert tools:

On-call alerts: Each time a customer phone call is received, Planitel can automatically send a message by e-mail or SMS, both to the people on call and to the service supervisors.

In the event of a telephone call not answered by the person on duty or the on-call team, an alert can be triggered, enabling the caller to be contacted urgently if necessary.

What's more, you can set up on-call alerts to let members of your company know that their on-call time is about to begin.

On-call number follow-up

An on-call number with no lost calls

Planitel offers a variety of scenario setups to manage no-response situations, including multi-level escalation scenarios, as well as the ability to automatically send messages by e-mail or SMS.

All stages of the customer's telephone call are meticulously documented in detailed statistics, providing the supervisor with the data needed to analyze calls and find solutions to further strengthen on-call number management.