PLANITEL provides a simple and effective solution to secure call forwarding in many sectors.

On-call occupations

Telephone hotline

Some examples of sectors using our call transfer programming:

Automatic call transfer

Automatic call forwarding

PLANITEL telephone scheduling is chosen by our customers to secure the on-call number and to avoid :

  1. The on-call mobile phone that can be passed from hand to hand

  2. The call forwarding manual of a single on-call number to be transferred at a specific time.

The technical risks (standard failure, mobile failure, battery failure, etc.), the human risks (absence, transfer error, forgetfulness, etc.), as well as the obligation to be present on the premises (which is becoming increasingly restrictive), made it necessary to find a more reliable and secure call forwarding solution.

call forwarding planning

Planning Call Forwarding

PLANITEL is the result of 15 years of specialisation in the field of telephone on-call. More than just programming the transfer to mobile phones, the telephone schedule ensures that everything is in place to respond to theon-call situation:

  1. cascading calls
  2. acknowledgement of receipt of calls
  3. call distribution method
  4. SMS on-call or every time a call is made
  5. Full statistics
  6. etc ...